Get Involved

Family members experienced with FMS and who are willing to act as mentors for other families are a critical component in ensuring the success of the Darrell Cook FMS Resource Centre.

Mentors are able to offer friendly advice and share their personal and practical experiences to assist other families in situations they may be dealing with. Mentors offer families the chance to have a conversation with someone who has been there and has credibility because they have traveled a similar path.

If you have expertise in the following or other areas that you would like to share with other families, please contact the Resource Centre:

  • Sharing Your Experience Using FMS
  • Facilitating Community Inclusion
  • Developing a Vision and a Plan
  • Applying for and Negotiating FMS
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Development
  • Finding or Creating Employment Opportunities
  • Reporting and Invoicing
  • Payroll/Bookkeeping


To get involved please