The Centre is an initiative of Family Voices Calgary, Inclusion Alberta and Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program, Calgary Region. Inspired by the vision and commitment of a core group of families the Centre maintains a physical location in Calgary and a virtual site online.  

The Centre is named in honour of Darrell Cook, a committed advocate who passed away in 2010. Leading by example Darrell’s determination and love ensured his daughter Jocelyn had every opportunity for a rich and active life in the community.

We assist families in becoming directly involved in managing services and supports for their family member with developmental disabilities.

Family Managed Supports (FMS) is a funding option for families motivated to take a primary role in organizing the supports and services for their adult family member with developmental disabilities. With FMS, funds typically go directly to the family to hire and manage their own staff. Although less typical, families may also use FMS to contract with an agency to provide supports.

FMS funded supports can provide opportunities related to education, employment, recreation and community living. Staff at the Centre will assist you with the application, approval, planning and administrative processes involved in this funding option.

A true resource for the community the Centre also offers workshops in addition to being a location where families can connect and share valuable information.

The Centre’s website is also a resource for families seeking information about Family Managed Supports, networking, and learning opportunities. 


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